We are currently active and purchasing.

  • Freehold Houses
  • Below Market Value Property (10% min)
  • City Centre Retail Space
  • High Yielding Apartment Blocks
  • Houses Of Multiple Occupants (HMOs)
  • Investment Portfolios (£1-5M)
  • Income Producing Assets With Value-add Opportunities


If you are a developer, agent or property owner please get in touch.

“When buying property, we have an open mind; If something is competitively priced and can give us a double-digit yield, we want to hear about it.”

Strategy & Location


SPPF’s investment strategy focuses on second-tier towns and cities in the North of England in particular areas of high regeneration due to a recent government initiative. Not only do these locations have a strong potential for capital growth, but high yields can also still be achieved.  

Being a landlord company as opposed to a developer, the assets SPPF purchase are existing rentable buildings that give or can give immediate income. We have a particular interest in assets where we can increase the income potential by way of value adding or refurbishment. 

SPPF is constantly looking to expand its portfolio and is in a position to capitalise on upcoming opportunities. Our dedicated asset acquisitions team brings a dynamic approach to hand-picking property projects across the UK, specialising in strategic planning, regeneration, and active management.

SPPF have residential, commercial and mixed-use assets in the portfolio along with a combination of rental strategies that give us strong diversification. Our locations of focus includes but not limited to: Sunderland, Doncaster, Wigan, St Helens, Stockton On Tees and Scarborough.