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Why Invest in UK Property?

Over the last 100 years, UK property prices have appreciated ahead of the inflation rate.

According to the UK land registry in June 1980 the average UK property price was £20,000. 41 years later, in December 2021 it stands at £293,000 – a staggering increase of 1,461%.

Added to this, the population of the UK currently stands at 68 million people and is estimated to grow by a further 7 million in the next 10-15 years. Demand for UK property will continue to outstrip supply, leading to further surges in the rental market.

The UK property market is a rock-solid investment and offers great diversity for your clients. Our simple investment structure allows your investors to capitalise on this future exponential growth whilst we take care of all the time-consuming research and costly property.

Benefits of Becoming an SPPF Affiliate

Benefit One

Unlimited Earning Potential

Achieve the greatest returns possible for your clients and have as much flexibility and freedom as you need. That’s why we offer an industry-leading commission structure providing an unlimited earning potential on your own terms.

In addition to this, we offer a generous up-front bonus for every investor you introduce, as well as an equity stake in our property fund which enables you to join tax benefits in line with inflation.

Your client will always remain your client. They get the return from your advice, you get the commission from their decision.


Benefit Two

Zero Charges

As an SPPF affiliate, you will not be subject to any hidden suprises such as upfront or monthly fees so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money. We do this because we have a strong commitment to our affiliates and their future to enable you to grow with SPPF.

Benefit Three

No Minimum Sales

We don’t believe in introducing a minimum sales requirement for our affiliates. You should be able to work freely without the burden or pressure of hitting unrealistic quotas – which in turn reduces your financial risk. You grow based on results as we are confident our investor’s level of investment grows organically.

Benefit Four

Earn On Your
Own Terms

We believe you should be given the freedom and flexibility to earn extra money around your own schedule – whether it’s part-time or full time. We are a big advocate of work-life balance to ensure you enjoy quality time with your family whilst also having the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

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What Do Our Investors Say?

“I'm an international investor and my priority was to find an opportunity with yields higher than bonds with lower risk than investing in shares with a reasonable appreciation. Having a second home and a passive monthly income was also part of my objectives. I'm happy with my Financial Advisor and their introduction to SPPF. I appreciate the transparency, advice and clarity I've been given.”


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