All investors are paid on the same four days each year: March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st. If a client wishes to focus on capital growth and receive all interest at maturation along with their initial investment, that option is also available.

This is because we target high-yielding areas and due to the types of properties we invest in, e.g. HMOs. We also purchase below market value and as cheaply as possible allowing us to maximise rental figures.

There are no management fees nor are there any fees upon investment. You receive the entire 8% per annum as advertised.

Over time property values will inevitably increase. As this happens, we approach mainstream lenders to refinance and where necessary, release equity. In addition, we have the option to sell assets.

We would also like to make investors aware that it is written into the legal binding Investment Memorandum that the owners of the company are not allowed to pay themselves a salary or if any dividends until all investors are repaid in full. The company bank account will be regularly checked by the security trustee More Group Capital Services and investors can also ask to see our bank statement any time.

We consider ourselves a nationwide portfolio and will consider investing in any part of the UK. We do however believe that current market conditions point positively to the North of England with most opportunities presenting themselves in secondary cities and the fringes of primary cities.

Most of the rental income produced by the properties is paid out to investors as interest with a small amount being used to cover the business running costs. Sterling Property Portfolio benefit from the long-term capital growth of the assets purchased.

The independent security trustee, The More Group, hold a charge over company  shares for investors, this is more commonly known as a debenture. This gives investors ownership of the company which in turn owns the property assets.

We will consider early withdrawal requests and accommodate where possible. This however is not guaranteed, and investment should not be made if there is a high likelihood that funds will need to be accessed before the 5-year maturation.

Sterling Property Portfolio ensures the management of everything, your investment is completely hands-off.

Yes, both company and joint applications are accepted subject to receipt of the necessary anti-money laundering (AML) documents for all company directors and any joint applicants respectively.